Coast Maid Story

Turning houses into homes.

The Genesis

Coast Maid emerged from the visionary mind of Kelvin, a Gold Coast resident deeply attuned to the transformative influence of a tidy home on personal well-being. Recognizing the fast pace of contemporary living, Haroun conceptualized a dependable, top-tier cleaning service aimed at affording individuals the luxury of time and the serenity of a pristine living space.

The Mission

Under Kelvin's visionary leadership, Coast Maid transcended its origins as a mere cleaning service, evolving into a catalyst for enhanced lifestyles. By relieving individuals of the burdensome task of household chores, Coast Maid strives to elevate the overall quality of life. Kaung perceives his company not only as a business entity but also as an indispensable cornerstone of the community.

The Future

Kelvin's aspirations for Coast Maid reach far beyond traditional cleaning services. His goal is to revolutionize customer satisfaction within the industry, constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of clients. While services may expand and diversify, the core mission remains unchanged: transforming houses into homes, one immaculate room at a time.